Joyce and I know Bob & Carolyn Bateman since about 1984. We are both feeling a profound sadness to hear that Bob has succumbed to his illness at such a young age when his prospects to enjoy the fruits of his hard work have recently materialized. Bob and I have worked together at Soundair Corporation, where Bob was in charge of the Winnipeg Base, managing the Commuter Express passenger flights and Soundair Cargo operation from YWG airport. Later, Bob and I have, again, worked together at Jetall Airways where Bob was managing all of the cargo operations in western Canada till about 1991.


  • Designed and tested to satisfy power quality specifications, suitable for the rigorous demands of modern aircraft electrical systems.
  • Marathon alternator, brushless, synchronous unit designed for heavy-duty applications.
  • Perkins diesel engine, four or six cylinders, electronic governor, emissions certified to EPA Tier III.
  • State-of-the-art digital controller monitors engine sensors that assure power quality limits are not exceeded.
  • Control panel affords the operator a simple menu of all the significant engine and output power parameters in an analog presentation.
  • Trailer cart has heavy duty wheels and turntable steering for easy maneuvering, tow bar activated parking brake.
  • Use of reliable components from world-class suppliers.
  • Frame made from steel, Commercial “C” Channel
  • Enclosure panels made from 12 gauge corrosion resistant rolled steel.
  • Finish in hot Powder Coating that provides excellent resistance to weather and chemical agents
  • All control components are set up in a modular drawer fashion, ready to be exchanged by using “Plug Out/Plug In” style control panels.
  • Spare parts are commercially available in the open market.
  • Suitable for civil and military applications